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"Your mayor here, Julián Castro, gave a total shout out to menudo during his [Democratic National Convention] speech. That was amazing. Although I do have to say part of me wishes, instead of menudo—most Americans know what menudo is—but he could at least given a plug to guisados or puffy tacos, or something like that, maybe something a little more San Antonio."

Gustavo Arellano, author of Taco USA and the nationally syndicated column "Ask a Mexican," during his Sept. 12 lecture at the Downtown Campus

"It's as simple as this: If we admit them, we are going to graduate them."

Ricardo Romo talking about UTSA's new graduation rate improvement plan at his Oct. 3 State of the University address

"I believe that especially now, a college degree is more valuable than ever. Times are tough, but, trust me, they're a lot tougher for people who don't have a college degree."

Ricardo Romo at his Oct. 3 State of the University address

"When you hear the name Taiwan, sometimes do you think of Thailand instead? No? That's because of our hard work in the past half century so now people know Taiwan. Only 23 countries recognize Taiwan as its own country and all of them are small countries. One hundred and sixty something countries don't recognize us, so we're both a country and we're not a country, but we are doing very well as a semi-country."

Daniel Liao, Taipei director general and ambassador, at a Sept. 12 lecture hosted by the East Asia Institute


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