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My University, My Bike

Braydon Gold
—Braydon Gold

Braydon Gold is a second-generation Roadrunner and sculpture artist pursuing an M.F.A. on a presidential scholarship at UTSA. A native of San Antonio, he is an athlete and avid cyclist. Maybe you’ve seen his “fixie” (a fixed-gear bicycle) around campus, but did you realize it was more than just a mode of transportation? It’s a muse and piece of art on its own.

Here’s Gold in his own words:

It is an incredible honor to go to school in my hometown and represent the university that I grew up supporting. I am working towards a career in public art and teaching in addition to working for the university and being a full-time graduate art student.

My cycling allows me to stay strong and healthy, but it also serves as a tremendous way to explore and connect with UTSA. Riding around campus is most certainly one of my favorite things to do. Whether I am swiftly darting across campus to make it to class and work or leisurely cruising around on a quiet weekend morning, few things compare to the pleasure of a simple bike ride!

As an artist I am constantly on the lookout for photographic opportunities while riding. UTSA is so incredibly abundant with beauty and school pride that it makes taking awesome photos pretty easy. I am simply a Roadrunner who loves his bike and loves his school, and I want to share my photos with other people from San Antonio and around the world.

Check out Gold’s other work, which in addition to his sculpture pieces includes paintings and drawings, at And for more of Gold’s visions of UTSA, check out BraydonGold on Instagram.


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