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Being Rowdy

Rowdy might not have the wingspan of other birds, but he's not jealous. In fact, if you ask him, he'll tell you it doesn't take long wings to be "totally awesome."

The blue and orange roadrunner is more bird than any of the other ones. And the self-professed drama king knows it, too.

Rowdy, who says he studied awesomeness at UTSA, is 33 years old, though you'd never know it—there's not a streak of white in his royal blue feathers. And, though he's been at UTSA his entire life, he has no intentions of ever leaving.

A lover of riddles and pranks, Rowdy uses unique ways to communicate since he doesn't talk. He has his own Facebook page ( and he somehow manages to text and type with his bulky wings. We don't know how he does it, but the enigma adds to his mystique.

We may not know much about him—where he lives, what his full name is, what he does all day. But, we do know one simple thing: Rowdy is UTSA.

Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy
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