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The Way We Were

Published since fall 1984, Sombrilla Magazine is a university tradition in its own right. We’ve chronicled UTSA’s milestones, collective spirit and physical growth in an effort to bring the entire university family the best and most interesting stories of campus life and academics.

In fact, a self-reflective nod to our 30th anniversary was the inspiration for this Traditions & Icons issue. The editor summed up in the first issue in 1984, “We’re excited about Sombrilla and know you will be too.” For us, that still holds true today, and we hope it does for you as well.

These covers from our archives show how the magazine has evolved over the years. And if you want to see more of Sombrilla Magazine’s coverage of UTSA, check out our online archive. It continues to grow as we add back issues in digital formats.

Sombrilla 1984

Fall 1984 Our first issue.

Sombrilla 1988

Spring 1988 The cover gets some color.

Sombrilla 1992

Winter 1992 Envisioning UTSA's 2010 future.

Sombrilla 1997

Summer 1997 Opening the Downtown Campus.

Sombrilla 2001

Winter 2001 Faculty write about 9/11.

Sombrilla 2004

Summer 2004 The ITC expands its mission.

Sombrilla 2010

Summer 2009 President Romo's first 10 years.

Sombrilla 2010

Winter 2010 Football arrives.

Sombrilla 2014

Fall/Winter 2014 Research furthers the Tier One goal.


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