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Through teaching, research and community engagement, faculty members play a major role in ensuring that excellence, discovery and innovation thrive at UTSA. Diverse scholars and researchers cultivate a challenging and research-intensive environment for students in the classroom, in laboratories and through experiential learning opportunities. UTSA continues to strategically seek and build faculty scholarly expertise, the foundation of any top research university dedicated to educational excellence on all levels.

Taylor Eighmy Quote

“We are building a density of talent at UTSA that's two-pronged. First, we already have talented faculty and we are supporting their continued development to meet today's grand challenges. Second, strategically hiring faculty who are leaders in their fields is one of the best ways we can rapidly differentiate ourselves as an institution and further build a nationally recognized research enterprise.”

-UTSA President Taylor Eighmy

Kimberly Andrews Espy Quote

“By cultivating outstanding faculty, UTSA is able to provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students - both in and outside the classroom - to prepare them for their future careers.”

- Kimberly Andrews Espy

UTSA Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Building Clusters

The Focus of Faculty Hiring

UTSA has been focusing its strategic hiring initiatives in:

  • Analytics and data science (2018)
  • Artificial intelligence (begins in late 2018)
  • Brain health (2017)
  • Cybersecurity, including cloud computing (2017)

The cluster hires focus on academic and research disciplines currently in demand. They are synergistic with our community. San Antonio wants them to happen.

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Vanessa Sansone Profile

Mike Villarreal, Ph.D.

Director, Urban Education Institute

"Over the next 50 years, I see UTSA playing a powerful role in raising our quality of life in the greater San Antonio region. Our students and faculty will be at the center of every group working to address our greatest social, environmental and economic challenges. I also see UTSA setting the standard for educating and nurturing Hispanic leadership and serving as a national role model for community engagement and innovation."

Vanessa Sansone Profile

Arka Roy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Management Science & Statistics

"What I like most about working at UTSA is that UTSA has the resources to allow researchers like myself to work on highly impactful problems, such as the application of my research in cancer radiotherapy. Developing new methodologies to improve a cancer patient's quality of life has been truly rewarding for me."

Vanessa Sansone Profile

Ian Caine, RA, SMArchS

Associate Professor
Director, The Center for Urban & Regional Planning Research

"UTSA's institutional mission resonates strongly in local and regional communities. This provides a steady compass for my work with student designers, where our highest aspiration is to positively impact the ecological, spatial and social trajectory of the region's growth."

Vanessa Sansone Profile

Vanessa A. Sansone, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Higher Education
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

"Over the next 50 years, I see UTSA leading the way and becoming the nation's top Hispanic serving institution. The nation will turn to UTSA for learning how to educate diverse student populations and also how to recruit, retain and support the research of diverse faculty populations."

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