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Institutional Targets

A set of institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) pinpoint UTSA’s goals and facilitate progress assessment. A selection of KPIs with institutional targets are listed below.

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2020 Targets

Undergraduate Degrees Awarded 5,075
MS Degrees Awarded 1,265
Faculty in National Academies 5
Faculty Prestigious Awards 10
External Review of Faculty in Ph.D. Programs 7
Restricted Research Expenditures $50M
Total Research Expenditures $110M
Ph.D. Degrees Awarded 215
Overall Giving $50.75M
Cash Received $25.24M
New Endowed Chairs and Professorships 10/year

2021 Targets

Undergraduate Degrees Awarded 5,250
MS Degrees Awarded 1,300
Bond Rating AAA
Administrative Cost Ratio <8%
Overall Giving $51.51M
Cash Received $25.62M

2023 Targets

First Year Retention Rate (IPEDS) 85%
Second Year Persistence Rate (IPEDS) 70%
Third Year Persistence Rate (IPEDS) 60%
Four-Year Graduation Rate (IPEDS) 35%
Six-Year Graduation Rate (IPEDS) 60%
Freshman in the Top 25% of their Class 55%
Annual Budget $1B
Strategic Partnerships 5/year

2028 Targets

Total Enrollment 45,000
Total Faculty 2,000
Total Staff 3,250
Student to Faculty Ratio <20
Endowment $400M
Cumulative New Construction >3M GSF
Average (Federal) Student Debt <$20,000
Students with Experiential Learning 75%