Construction to begin on temporary advising complex

August 8, 2019

UTSA Today

To further advance the President’s Initiative on Student Success, UTSA will begin construction this month on the Centralized Advising Modular Complex, a temporary advising center on its Main Campus. The new complex will consolidate the university’s undergraduate advising services and select support programs into one area on campus to make it easier for students to access academic support programs and student success resources.

Crews recently set up green fencing to begin work at the construction site for the new Centralized Advising Modular Complex, which will be located at the corner of Cook Rd. and the Devine Ave. fire access road. UTSA expects the 30,000-square-foot modular complex to be completed by spring of 2020.

The temporary complex is an intermediary step toward developing a dedicated building for UTSA’s Student Success Center.

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