Tactical Team Principles

Moving from Resilience to Thriving

To advance the next phase of planning, UTSA has announced the initiation of several tactical teams to provide advice on campus re-opening operations permissible by the implementation of public health precautions, including social distancing, use of masks and other mitigation practices, and health monitoring and containment tactics.


Each tactical team will work over the summer and early fall to develop a report of their findings, a clear set of recommendations, and an action plan for implementation. At the conclusion, each of the co-leads will share the product of their team’s work in open campus forums and with the Faculty & Staff Senates, Department Chairs Council, and University Leadership Council to promote widespread dissemination.

In addition to university leaders, all of these teams will include faculty, staff, students, and stakeholder representation, with many opportunities for wide and ongoing participation. Team member nominations were recently submitted by UTSA leadership across campus, and committee rosters will soon be finalized and posted. Members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) will serve on various tactical teams to support recovery planning. 

Please direct questions on the tactical teams process or any other general inquiries to tacticalteams@utsa.edu. At the discretion of the president, additional campus-wide teams may be formed as needed. For all other COVID-related inquiries, contact coronavirus@utsa.edu.


  • Operational plans developed by the teams will be constrained by overarching public health best practices as recommended by UTSA’s Public Health Task Force

  • Teams will be jointly led by academic and support unit leadership

  • Teams will have broad representation, to include:
    • Robust on-the-ground leadership and experts (e.g., chairs, directors, faculty/staff subject matter experts across campus)
    • Formal representation by shared governance bodies (Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, SGA)
    • Membership from Emergency Preparedness, Facilities, HR and other relevant cross-cutting administrative functions to promote consistency and integrated planning

  • Teams will be provided with a specific scope and formal charge to maximize synergy and minimize duplication

  • Team members will have “feed-forward” and “feedback” roles
    • Gather information about specific needs/operations/issues broadly  (i.e., engaging subject matter experts and stakeholders across campus sectors)
    • Provide the obtained information to the Tactical Team for review and consideration
    • Disseminate back to stakeholders possible implementation plans for further discussion, iterative refinement, etc.


The work of the tactical teams will take place over the summer, prioritizing most urgent questions.

Expected Deliverables

  • Report of considerations and findings

  • Clear set of recommendations and an action plan for implementation

  • Co-leads to share the product of their team’s work broadly to promote widespread dissemination