Research recovery plan

May 27, 2020


On behalf of the Research Excellence and Graduate Education Recovery Tactical Team, we are pleased to share our Phased Recovery Plan to steer university operations and guide the Roadrunner community as we increase on-campus research activities and doctoral training opportunities this summer, effective June 1.

It is a comprehensive and detailed plan with required steps and explicit conditions to re-open laboratories to safeguard faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Please be mindful of the following critical points:

  1. (a) Compliance training must be completed prior to re-opening.
    (b) Safety and disinfecting protocols must be followed as outlined.

  2. Coming back to campus is completely voluntary for graduate students. Principal investigators and lab managers are responsible for making accommodations for students to feel comfortable working on-site on their research activities and doctoral training. These measures include disinfection protocols, staggered schedules, and others, as described in the plan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Associate Dean for Research. We also encourage you to join us for the Research Recovery Town Hall on June 1, which will provide another opportunity to ask questions and get more information.

We thank our tactical team for their time and effort. The well-being of our campus community was our prime motivator while finding a pathway to reengage our graduate students and faculty in the discovery enterprise.



Bernard Arulanandam, PhD, MBA
Jane and Roland Blumberg Professor of Biology
Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise


Ambika Mathur, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School & Vice Provost for Graduate Studies