Recovery Operations Committee

The Recovery Operations Committee works with the Tactical Teams and university leadership to operationalize the recommendations and offers a consolidated operational response to plan for a successful return to campus operations. 


Mary Hernandez, Chair 
Associate Vice President for Business Affairs Administration and Operations


Lauren Beaver 
Senior Director of Strategic Communications, Business Affairs Administration and Operations

Daniel Bellamy 
Head of Athletic Medicine, Athletics Department

Wanda Boller
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Jenell Bramlage 
Senior Associate Vice President for Strategic Services and Communications, University Technology Solutions

Brett Calvert 
Executive Director, University Marketing, VPUR

Lynne Cossman 
Dean, College for Health, Community and Policy

Tracy Cowden 
Professor and Department Chair, College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Herb Ganey 
Executive Director, Student Union

Joshua Gerken
Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning, Business Affairs

Daniel Gockley
Executive Director, Housing Administration

Paul Goodman 
Associate Vice President, Facilities, VPBA 

Martha Gutierrez-Saul 
Senior Associate Director, Extended Education

Sarah Hada
Director of Communications, REDKE

Dianne Hengst
Executive Director, Student Disability Services

Chad Mahood 
Associate Professor, College of Liberal and Fine Arts and Chair, Faculty Senate

Laura Munroe
Executive Director, Campus Recreation

Kevin Price 
Senior Associate Vice President, Housing and Campus Services

Jay Rossello 
Chief Legal Officer, Legal Affairs

Lorenzo Sanchez 
Director, Risk & Emergency Management

Heather Shipley 
Senior Vice President and Dean, University College

Jessenia Skelton 
Director of Security Systems, University Police

Shawn Smith 
Lieutenant, University Police

Michelle Stevenson 
Associate Vice President, Research Integrity, REDKE

Sandra Vasquez-Kayruz 
Interim Medical Director, Student Health Services

Beth Wichman
Chief Medical Officer, Administration and Operations