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Data Governance and Integrity


This initiative will establish a data governance platform with diverse participation founded on data integrity that yields timely performance indicators and provides actionable information. The ultimate goal is to enhance effective decision making at all levels across the institution while securing our digital resources.

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The initiative is structured on three pillars:

  1. Data Governance Council
  2. Data Support for Current Initiatives
  3. Risk and Compliance Data Task Force

Under the Data Governance Council, two more groups will be formed:

The Data Governance Technical Task Force will include technical members who have IT-type, script writing skills, and software admin access to software platforms where metrics reside.

Data Governance College Leads will include a member from each college who can interpret metrics, understand connectivity among metrics, see anomalies when data set does not look healthy, disseminate metrics and reports to those who need them in a timely manner, and provide feedback.

Meeting Minutes, Documents and Presentations


June 2018
  • Form the Data Governance Council and Identify the Performance Indicators and their data sources
  • Continue supporting data needs of current initiatives
July - August 2018
  • Form the Data Governance Technical Task Force and Data Governance College Leads Develop working principles for these groups
September - December 2018
  • Develop dashboards based on performance indicators for different user profiles
  • Form the Risk and Compliance Data Task Force and identify compliance performance indicators
January - May 2019
  • Based on experience acquired since June 2018, generate institutional policies on software purchases, software upgrades and software revisions/interfaces
May 2019
  • Evaluate progress and reset goals and objectives to make Data Governance an institutional continuous effort.