Transition to Incentivized Resource Management

October 15, 2018

UTSA’s new Incentivized Resource Management (IRM) budget approach is running in parallel with the university’s current budgeting process for FY19. Huron Consulting Group is assisting with restating UTSA’s FY19 budget into the new IRM format. Phase I of this work encompasses revenue restatement and will be shared with relevant units by the end of October. Work has begun to create a timetable for the FY20 budget, which will be posted to the Budget and Financial Planning website once finalized. A set of new IRM governance committees are in the proposal stage and include a Support Unit Budget Advisory Committee, Strategic Investment Review Advisory Committee and Executive Budget Committee. In addition, the IRM Steering Committee (formerly Finance and Budget Modeling Task Force) and Space & Planning Advisory Committee will continue to support IRM implementation.