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Strategic Faculty Hiring Initiative

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Strategically hiring promising, accomplished and diverse faculty in key areas is fundamental to our future as an urban-serving, multi-cultural discovery enterprise focused on student success and research excellence.

Launched in January 2019, UTSA’s Strategic Faculty Hiring Initiative comprises five complementary programs to provide support mechanisms to academic colleges to recruit and hire some of the best and brightest minds of diverse backgrounds and experiences, providing intellectual prowess to help the university address society’s grand challenges. The programs include:

Strategic Plan Midpoint Update (Fall 2022)

Faculty is at the heart of all we do at UTSA. Outstanding educators advance academic excellence, and a diverse faculty provides role models and mentors to better support our students’ success.

To inform the design of UTSA’s Strategic Faculty Hiring Initiative, feedback was initially sought from deans and academic leaders and then two open forums were hosted on campus in 2019.

Incorporating stakeholder feedback, UTSA has successfully implemented three cycles of the Strategic Faculty Hiring Initiative since 2020. The division of Faculty Success, in collaboration with Inclusive Excellence, worked together to instantiate and promote hiring best practices by overhauling the faculty recruitment process, including the creation of a search committee training program to enhance effectiveness in actively recruiting outstanding candidates.

Strategic Faculty Hiring programs have been fully operationalized and will continue to play a vital role in UTSA’s ongoing commitment to hire and retain outstanding diverse faculty members to advance student success and research excellence. UTSA will continue to evolve and adapt its hiring efforts to meet the university’s strategic goals.

This Initiative Supports Strategic Destinations


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