Our Staff

Chantea' Swinson-Rhoe

Interim Director

Email: chantea.sr@utsa.edu

Categories: Overall Department Management, Major Campus Programming, Policy, Homecoming, Marketing and Social Media, Roadrunner Days, Student Government Association, Website

Jarvis W. Clark

Associate Director

Email: jarvis.clark@utsa.edu

Categories: Assessment, Bystander Intervention, Fraternity and Sorority, Policy and Expressive Activity, Student Organizations and Administration, State Mandated Risk Education 

Amanda Perez

Assistant Director

Email: amanda.perez1@utsa.edu

Categories: Fraternity and Sorority, Student Organizations


Assistant Director

Categories: Campus Programming, Roadrunner Productions, Rowdy Crew, Spirit and Traditions, Spirit of the Roadrunner, Website

Iselda Rodriguez

Senior Administrative Associate

Email: iselda.rodriguez@utsa.edu

Categories: Budget and Finances, Office Management, Organization Finances

Teresa Kelley

Administrative Associate II

Email: teresa.kelley@utsa.edu

Categories: Commencement, Office Management, Organization Finances, Student Employment



Email: commencement@utsa.edu

Categories: Commencement, Honors Alliance 

Leah Sammon

Graduate Assistant

Email: Leah.Sammon@utsa.edu

Categories: Roadrunner Productions and Downtown Programs

Taylor Kelbie

Graduate Assistant

Email: taylor.kelbie@utsa.edu

Categories: Marketing and Downtown Programs


Graduate Assistant

Categories: Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities