RowdyLink Best Practices

RowdyLink is a great marketing tool used to connect with students and bring attention to your organization. Here are the top ways to spruce up your RowdyLink page to make it more attractive and informational to students as a mini-website.

Organization Main Page

Your organization's main page is your time to shine about who your organization is, what your organization has to offer, and any regular events that you host. This is the face of your organization, department or office.

Consider posting the following information on your main page: 

  • Organization Mission and/or Purpose
  • Office Resources and/or Services
  • Annual Events - with brief descriptions


LVS RowdyLink Main Page

Photo Albums

Provide a visual representation of what your organization does and who is a part of the group by posting photos to your RowdyLink page.  Organize your photos by creating categorized photo albums for your various events and services. Choosing the right kind of photos can make your organization, and the events you host, come alive.

Tips for picking photos:

  • Stay Relevant - Use photos from the last 2-3 years. Older photos may look and feel outdated.
  • Action Pictures - Find engaging photos of people participating in your event or service.
  • Group Photos - Post a few photos of your entire organization and smaller groups of your members.
  • Smiling Faces - Highlight two to four individual leaders or members of your organization.
  • Image Dimensions: 1300 x 780 px
  • File Type: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PDF

Organization Roster and Contact Information

RowdyLink allows students to reach out to any organizations and departments, even if they aren't a member yet! These messages are sent to the organization's Primary Contact and Authorized representatives, who will then be able to respond to your question directly.


Make sure your organization's membership roster is up-to-date. An updated roster makes it easier for organization leaders to be identified, aids during organization transitions, and helps RowdyLink administrators to assist your organization when needed. Updating your organization's roster can also help interested students clearly identify a point of contact if they have questions about the organization or an upcoming event.

Contact Information

If students have to jump through hoops to find how to contact your organization, they may give up. Make contact information easily accessible and understandable.

Events and Meetings

Hosting events and meetings increases participation and membership in your organization. Events scheduled through RowdyLink offer your organization an opportunity to track attendance and potentially be featured in campus promotions.

Reservations for on-campus spaces is done through the RowdyLink Event submission process.


Your event description plays an important part when informing students about your event. This could be the first time they are learning about your program so be informative with your wording and add eye-catching marketing. Details should cover all aspects of the event a student would need to know prior to attending. Besides the basics (who, what, when, and where), include the following in your event descriptions:

  • Experience - Share what attendees may expect to experience when attending your events.
  • Registration - Include registration or check-in details as they apply.
  • Online Links - Provide links to virtual events or additional information on websites.
Cover Photos

RowdyLink events featuring a cover photo is integral to attracting an audience by providing a visual understanding of your event. 

Tips for creating an event cover photo:

  • Be consistent with the design of your marketing materials.
  • Use pictures from previous events as part of your design.
  • Limit the number of words added to a graphic design
  • Image Dimensions: 1300 x 780 px

Learn about Tracking Event Attendance in RowdyLink

Pre/Post Event Assessment Questions

Receive feedback from your event or track learned information by asking your attendees questions, before and/or after events. When creating your event, prepare questions that can be sent to students automatically when they check in at your event. Utilize this tool to help create better programming based on the feedback you receive.


Posting a news story can be a great way to provide a detailed picture of an upcoming event to your students, or to connect your events after they have happened. A well-written news article can also serve as a means of describing your organization's services or highlighting accomplishments.

RowdyLink News Article


The Forms feature can be used to gather information from students for your organization or an event. Submissions can be reviewed, edited, approved, or denied, by an organization's authorized representative.

Utilize Forms for:

  • Officer Applications
  • Mailing Lists
  • Award Nominations
  • Sign- Ups/Registrations

RowdyLink Form

Learning the System

New to your role in RowdyLink? We're here to help! There is a list of resources we think will be most valuable to you as you learn how to navigate RowdyLink and manage your organization’s or departmental roster, content, and more!

Organization and Departmental Management

Apart from your administrative staff, you will also have individuals who have management access over organization or departmental pages. These users do not manage any administrative functionality, but have control over the content and rosters of their organization's pages.