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September 2015, Issue 9

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Four C’s Assists in REACHing Victora’s Secret’s 2015 Campus Showdown

On the morning of Thursday, September 4, 2015, I walked by a member of our student staff - aggressively tapping on her iPhone in our office hallway. Thinking her phone was not responding or frozen (she was tapping with a mission), I suggested she restart her phone, to which she excitedly communicated to me (while tapping, of course) the Victoria’s Secret contest that UTSA was currently leading.

Dr. Romo and Ileana tapping

The creative contest, titled “Victoria’s Secret 2015 Campus Showdown”, included 97 schools across the nation - all in competition for the “the BEST party of the year.” As it turns out, our university collaborated with great effort, and won bragging rights over schools such as Louisiana State University and Oklahoma State University. The Showdown is set to take place in October 2015, and includes a concert by one of Billboard’s top 40 artists, along with a bunch of free Victoria’s Secret gear in which all ‘Runners can connect.

Members of the UTSA community can RSVP for the party online.

See you there!

Submitted by —
Jessica Avalos-Alvarez
Assistant Director,
Family Programs

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