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August 2015, Issue 8

True Colors

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How do we REACH and Connect with our students?

It is the beginning of a new semester and there are 5,000+ new freshmen on campus. How do you interact with them? Are you sharing ideas and experiences that ask them to think critically about their time at UTSA?

Our new students may not fully understand the idea of healthy and balanced living…the dreaded “freshmen 15”. For those of you who may not know, the freshmen 15 is the amount of weight a freshmen may gain their first semester in college. So they may need some direction.

Sharing your knowledge or experience is not telling them what to do, but allows our students to think about their situation, come up with a solution and know that members of the UTSA community are here to support them and their well-being.

As staff and educators, we tie this to responsibility. We are laying the foundation by helping our new students gain the confidence to take ownership for their actions. We help them mature and develop as leaders, so when the next group of freshmen arrives there is an entire cohort of students ready to share their experience and knowledge push REACH the next level.

Submitted by —
Donna Edmondson
Academic Affairs Ombudsperson,
Academic Affairs

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