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April 2017, Issue 4

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Amy Fritz

To: Amy Fritz, Housing and Residence Life
From: Diana Almaraz, Housing and Residence Life

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

Amy, I know you don’t like to be embarrassed but these kind of acknowledgements are always a little embarrassing and awkward and, like most unsung heroes, you don’t like to hear about all of your accomplishments. However, I want to share a few of the highlights.

You have shown me — "your peer” — what working efficiently produces in a department this big. I am well aware of your personal contributions to HRL as well as the facilities team. You’ve always been the kind of person to solve any complex problems, whether they are facilities-related or not. You have a rare and desirable ability to find a simple solution in what you do and it is always delightful to see how your eyes light up when you are working on new ideas. Thank you for the enthusiasm you add to the team.

You are a great contributor to the team and I know you will be inspiring me with your innovative thinking for years to come.

Thank You Rowdy Award Recipient

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