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To: Anne Macintosh Speights
From: Beth Scholl


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the times you have been there for me when I had questions, needed university history, or just help to think through the oddest requests made by students. I also want to thank you for all the times you have thrown Student Life departments a lifesaving rope and pulled them from certain pitfalls. You are consistently helpful, patient, kind and knowledgeable and I appreciate your willingness to assist in any instance. The University and Student Affairs are truly fortunate to have you.

To: Carol Gonzalez
From: Anne Macintosh Speights

Passing along Thank You Rowdy has been one of my toughest decisions at UTSA. I am thankful to so many people at UTSA from my co-workers in my 16 years in the Registrar’s Office, to colleagues in Business Affairs, Academic Affairs, and yet Thank You Rowdy should go to a Student Affairs person. I have chosen you, Carol Gonzalez, because you have helped many of us along the journey to make UTSA a great University!

I’ve known you, Carol, since you first came to UTSA as an employee. You’ve worked in a variety of areas and most of my interaction with you was when you were in COB advising, then as a Director of COB advising. Then--what a concept—Ombudsman! With this new position, I was happy with the choice though not real thrilled with such a position. My thinking was why create another position when so many staff areas were short handed? You proved me wrong when I learned what your new position involved.

You helped me to understand the need for such a position as you worked diligently with the students to get to the root of the problem so the students could overcome fears and anxieties and avoid potential confrontations with other staff and faculty throughout campuses. Since UTSA and Student Affairs only exist because we have students, then Carol, you were a perfect fit!

You have always retained composure and a very caring attitude as you have related to students throughout your years here and your constant understanding as you interact with faculty and staff, too. You always ask the right questions and many that I wish I had asked! You, Carol, are a terrific asset to UTSA! I, for one, want to thank you so much for your contributions to UTSA and Student Affairs and to the students who will be our future. If there is ever an Ombudsperson for Staff and Faculty, I hope you will go for it!!

Anne Cooper Macintosh Speights
Associate Registrar—UTSA and Student Affairs

To: Rex Algate
From: Carol Gonzalez

Thank you for providing excellent customer service. As an internal customer, I recognize and truly appreciate your assistance in helping me address and resolve various financial aid questions and concerns. You have always answered your phone and are readily available to help. You are polite, knowledgeable and prompt. Thank you for diligently working behind the scenes to get things done and for being such a consummate professional.

With gratitude,
Carol Gonzalez

TO: Cindy Dermody
Associate Director of Admissions

I wanted to let you know how much we in the Financial Aid Loan Department appreciate your help. You always provided assistance when we needed a student's social security number checked and/or corrected and when we had questions about the receipt of the final high school transcript. This helped us ensure a student's loan funds were released in a timely manner. Again, we want to say "Thank You" for your help!

Rex Algate
Assistant Director/Loans
Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services

To: Melissa Rodriguez
From: Cindy Dermody


Just wanted to thank you for the countless times you’ve helped Admissions assist our students!

You always seem to have a smile and exhibit tremendous patience in working through problems and issues. I truly appreciate your willingness to help!

To: Fred Hample
From: Melissa Rodriguez


Thanks for your continuing efforts in establishing contacts with other Texas institutions so that we can trade transcripts electronically. Your efforts will not only help current students who need to get their transcripts to other schools, but will also expedite the admission process for students wishing to transfer to UTSA. I appreciate your diligence in keeping the lines of communication open!

Melissa L Rodriguez
IT Associate II
Office of the Registrar

To: Michelle Montanio, Carol J. Lee and Keith Pilger

We thank you for providing a student life experience that surpasses others; so students can grow and learn in a way that encourages creativity, innovation and diversity on our downtown campus. Your commitment to providing a caring and sustaining environment for our student organizations, student government and those cultural events that enhance the lives of our students is recognized and appreciated. The encouragement and mentoring of students provided by the Student Life staff on the downtown campus has helped many students balance work, family and learning in a positive way.

We especially appreciate your mentoring of students in a way that removes obstacles, that you have listened to student concerns and helped them plan a better student experience for all who attend UTSA, for your planning and organization of the La Despedida graduation ceremony that is so important to our graduates and their families we salute you.

And finally, with gratitude for all the ways you support our students as they strive to achieve personal and academic success and for the ways you help students reach their goal of graduation we salute you.

Rowdy and Fred Hample

To: Debra Cummins and Carol Hogan
Student Health Services - Downtown

From: The Office of Student Activities – Downtown
Michelle Montanio, Assistant Director
Keith Pilger, Program Coordinator
Carol “C.J.” Lee, Administrative Associate I

The Office of Student Activities-Downtown would like to recognize and thank one the newest members to the Downtown Campus Student Affairs team, Debbie Cummins! Debbie became the full time nurse with Student Health Services on April 1, 2008…no fooling!

She and Carol both have positive “can do” attitude that is apparent the moment you meet them. Debbie’s personal goal is, “to leap outside the box to educate, treat, and assist students in choosing a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach enables students to achieve their potential. Most important, I like to have a little fun and make "someone" smile!” Thank you, Debbie and Carol, for taking the leap and providing quality service with a smile!

Debra comments on her work at UTSA:

I have worked at UTSA ‘full time’ starting April 1, 2008 but started working as a prn staff nurse on February 26, 2008. I came to UTSA from Trinity University; where I worked in Student Health Services. I loved my time at Trinity and the student, staff, and faculty community. The position at UTSA came available…..opportunity knocked and here I am.

I was so impressed with the friendliness of the UTSA community and the many avenues for personal and professional growth. Before we transferred to San Antonio I worked at Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas for 3 years in the Nursing Division as a teacher in the vocational and associate degree nursing programs. That is my most recent experience.

My "job" at UTSA….I really don't look at it like work….it is a new experience every day. My primary responsibility in Health Services is to provide quality medical care to our student population. Health Services is blessed to be staffed with so many talented and qualified health care professionals…it truly is a "team" effort. My personal goal is to "leap outside the box" to educate, treat, and assist students in choosing a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach enables students to achieve their potential. Most important, I like to have a little fun and make "someone" smile!

To: Barbara Reyes
From: Debra Cummins

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty! I am amazed at your ability to multitask and make it look so easy! You always have a smile and a positive attitude. Your efforts truly exemplify what UTSA Student Affairs is all about. You have a special way of teaching and encouraging our students in a fun and positive manner. Keep up the good work.

To: Priscilla Garcia
From: Barbara Reyes

Dearest Priscilla,

I am passing on the Thank You Rowdy to you as a “thanks” for your help during the May 15 and 16, 2008 NCHERM Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Institute which was held here at UTSA. Your demeanor, generosity and willingness to help out has impressed me and you were definitely one of the key elements in keeping the conference organized. Moreover, you are a very nice person and I'm so glad to have met you!

Priscilla Garcia (L) receives 'Thank You Rowdy' from Barbara Reyes (R)
Barbara reads 'Thank You Rowdy' message to Priscilla
(L) to (R) at the Rowdy Party: Elizabeth Stanczak, Priscilla, Shirley Pipes, Barbara

To: Pat Lynn Forsythe
From: Priscilla Garcia

Dear Pat,

It gives me great pleasure to pass “Thank You Rowdy” on to you.

In the short time I have worked within the Student Affairs area you have been one of many staff members who has made me feel very welcome! You have always been a great help whenever I have had any questions or needed any assistance.

I know you’re one of the “behind the scenes” staff members within the counseling area but you are a most definitely a key person within an area who provides great service to the UTSA community and I’m sure the staff greatly appreciates you and all the work you do. I had the pleasure of working with you during the Conference hosted by the UTSA Counseling office and no matter how small or large the task you always had a great smile on your face and you had such a great willingness to help everyone.

It’s great to be working with you,

To: Stefanie Cisneros
From: Pat Forsythe

Stefanie, I'm passing Rowdy on to you to celebrate the enthusiasm and the positive way you approach your work in Career Services.

I've known you a long while now, and I am so proud of your successes and achievements, including your ability to find the perfect match.

of your skills and abilities to help UTSA students find success in the "world of work."

Thanks for all you do at UTSA.

You are phenomenal!

Stefanie (L) receives 'Thank You Rowdy' from Pat at the UTSA Information Fair at the University Center on August 5th
Career Services staff watch as Pat reads Rowdy's message to Stefanie
Stefanie gets a rousing applause from fellow staff members at the Career Services booth

To: Bill Hickey, Athletic Department
From: Stefanie Cisneros, Career Services

Stefanie presents Thank You Rowdy to Bill, and points out Rowdy's new resume (see below)
Bill and Stefanie pose with 'Thank You Rowdy'


I am passing “Thank You Rowdy” to you in order to show my appreciation for your continued support of Career Services. Your encouragement in my own pursuit of an opportunity to work with student-athletes has been instrumental. In addition, you have had a great impact on our student-athletes and the development of positive life skills they will carry with them beyond the playing field / court as well as beyond college. Your participation in Career Services events and continued efforts to encourage student-athlete participation has succeeded in building a stronger relationship between Career Services and the Athletic Department. For this, I thank you! YOU ROCK!!!

Editor's Note: Stefanie has contributed a special Thank You Rowdy resume (PDF):

To: Kelsey Bratcher, Student Activities
From: Bill Hickey, Athletics


I am passing Rowdy on to you so Rowdy will have a well-rounded education. Rowdy has spent several weeks in the athletic department learning all the ins and outs of the different sports. Some things may not be beneficial to Rowdy – so I’m passing Rowdy on to you for helping with the Leadership Conference last week. This was an excellent event. All the athletes had many positive comments about the conference.

Rowdy also wants to thank John Montoya, Misty Kelly, Michelle Montanio, Lindsey Battles, Keri Shiplet, and all the hardworking Student Activities conference participants.

- Bill

Stefanie presents Thank You Rowdy to Bill, and points out Rowdy's new resume (see below)
Bill and Stefanie pose with 'Thank You Rowdy'

To: The Campus Crawl Team

Curtis Odle
Jennifer Fueglein
Christina Garcia
Ryan Jesberger
Erik Stein
Audrey Lallier

From: Kelsey Bratcher

Thank you for being a part of the Campus Crawl Team. You and your RAs made the Second Annual Crawl educational and fun for UTSA students. I appreciate your support of Alcohol Awareness Week and the Risk Education programs from Student Activities. Be Rowdy! Be Responsible!

Campus Crawl Team members (L-R) Curtis Odle, Ryan Jesberger, and Jennifer Fueglin pose with Thank You Rowdy and Kelsey.
Campus Crawl Team members (L-R) Curtis Odle, Ryan Jesberger, and Jennifer Fueglin pose with Thank You Rowdy and Kelsey.

To: Norma Scalf and Mary Smeltzer
The Residence Life Team:

Laurel & Chaparral Village – Em Delarosa, Erik Stein, Audrey Lallier, Ryan Jesberger, Adrianna Alicia-Rodriguez
University Oaks & Chisholm Hall – Curtis Odle, Christina Garcia, Jennifer Fueglein, Lennon Prothro-Jones

Dear Norma and Mary,

You are awarded the Thank You Rowdy from the housing team of University Oaks, Chisholm Hall, Laurel and Chaparral Village. Thank you for all your help with everything related to the Student Life Office.

Mary - Thank you specifically for all of your coordination with judicial affairs matters and being so prompt to answer questions, manage follow-up issues, and help out with schedules.

Norma – Thank you for your bright personality and smile even over the phone. You are always patient and willing to assist with anything from the critical to the mundane.

Having such helpful administrative staff in the Student Life Office helps the housing team better serve our residents.

The Residence Life Team

Residence Life Team and Thank You Rowdy Recipients (L-R):
Audrey Lallier, Adrianna Alicia-Rodriguez, Ryan Jesberger,
Lennon Prothro-Jones, Mary Smeltzer, Curtis Odle,
Norma Scalf, Jennifer Fueglein, and Em Delarosa

To: Cindy White, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
From: Mary Smeltzer and Norma Scalf


It is with great pleasure we pass along "Thank You Rowdy to you!

You are always so bright and cheerful whenever we call and need help. You are a true professional, handling with grace, students who have problems from the simple to the complex.

It is always a joy to visit or call the VPSA's office with your warm welcome and smile.

Thank you for all you do for our students, the VPSA's office and Student Affairs!

We appreciate you!

Mary Smeltzer and Norma Scalf

Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Life

(L-R) Cindy White, Norma Scalf, and Mary Smeltzer
Thank You Rowdy poses with Norma, Cindy and Mary while congratulatory VPSA staff looks on