The MSC is a support for LGBTQIA+ students. We strive to create a campus community where students feel valued and celebrated for who they are. This page includes resources and information to support LGBTQIA+ students and allies.

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Being an Ally

  • Awareness – Understand LGBTQIA+ people by talking with LGBTQIA+ people, and challenge yourself by examining your own perceptions.
  • Knowledge – Begin to understand policies, laws, and practices and how they affect LGBTQIA+ people. Learn about the different communities and cultures of LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Skills – Learn to communicate your awareness of LGBTQIA+ people and issues.
  • Action – Advocate for and with LGBTQIA+ people.

Additional information and resources are also available from a variety of local and national organizations such as The Pride Center, San Antonio Gender Association, and Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Advocacy Tips

We are dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community on our campuses.  Here are some ways we can all play a role in advocacy.

  • Continually educate yourself on the LGBTQIA+ community and the issues that impact LGBTQIA+ people and communities.
  • Know the resources on and off campus that support and provide services for LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Interrupt language, behaviors, and attitudes that are harmful to LGBTQIA+ people, identities, and communities.
  • Share your knowledge to advocate in all spaces.

Programs and Organizations


Pride Month

June is Pride Month and is dedicated to uplifting LGBTQIA+ voices, celebrating LGBTQIA+ culture, and supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. Pride month celebrates the promotion of self-affirmation, dignity, intersectional identities, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people.



Prism is an LGBTQIA+ focused social group.
Prism hosts weekly meetings every Wednesday for the whole group to get together. And separate meetings for our individual caucuses:
-BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color)
-QT (Queer/Trans)
-QWAC (Queers With Artistic Capabilities)
-Critter (for the furs and therians and other animals)
-A-Spec (aromantic/asexual spectrum)
-Gaymer (tabletop, card, online, and other games)
-Achillean (for Men-Loving-Men)
-Sapphic (for Women-Loving-Women)
-Bi/Pan (Bisexual and Pansexual)

Activities include: game nights, discussion nights, socials, and more!



Pride Faculty and Staff Association

Pride Faculty and Staff Association (Pride FSA) at the University of Texas at San Antonio, endeavor by their organization, presence, and visibility to help create a safe and supportive professional environment for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally (LGBTQIA+) faculty and staff of UTSA.