Name Change

Students needing assistance with changing their name within the institution can speak with the MSC team for guidance in the process.

Name Change Process

All members of the campus community have the ability to include a “preferred” name on their record.  Know that the term “preferred” is used only because that is the name given to the form field. People use a name not prefer a name. 

Students and staff who do not have a faculty appointment can use the process below to update or add a name to their record.

  • Go to
  • Click on myUTSA Account and log in using Classic View
  • Click on Personal Information tab
  • Click on Personal Information in the list of service options
  • Click on "Enter your preferred first name" [if you have this option]
  • Type your name in the field
  • Click Submit

The name you add will show up on the following:

  • myUTSA Account and BANNER
  • Canvas
  • Class Roster
  • Class Photo
  • Mid-term Grade Report
  • Final Grade Report
  • Diploma [recent addition as of Spring 2022]

You can also get your ID card with this name.  If you want this name to be your email address, that will require an additional request to UTS to update your email and also display names (ex: the way your name appears when you log onto a computer on campus) on some platforms and systems.

Note: If a person has any percentage of a faculty appointment, they will have to go through People Excellence.  Also, if a person has legally changed their name, that is a different process. Faculty and staff will go through People Excellence; students will go through One Stop.