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Alamo Runners

The Alamo Runner program is a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between Alamo Colleges and UTSA. The program supports students who were admitted to UTSA during a fall or spring semester but instead enrolled at one of the five Alamo Colleges.

If you participate in this program, then you must take three hours at UTSA and 12 hours at the Alamo Colleges (your home school). Once you decide to participate in the program, they will need to complete an agreement of participation agreeing to be co-enrolled at both UTSA and Alamo Colleges.

This opportunity provides access to the four-year experience and all of the benefits that go with it, all for the same cost of taking a class with Alamo College. After a total of 45 hours, you can then transfer to UTSA without reapplying, to complete your bachelor’s degree and potentially receive your associate’s degree by way of Reverse Transfer.

Alamo Runners has the support of the PIVOT grant, which was received by UTSA to increase student engagement, retention and graduation at UTSA and the Alamo College.

More Information

Read below for more information on the Alamo Runners program, including why it benefits you, the steps to get involved, the classes you’ll be taking, enrollment guidelines and more.

Why should I participate in Alamo Runners?
  • To be provided a pathway to UTSA.
  • To benefit from enrollment at both UTSA
  • To enjoy the UTSA experience (access to recreation facilities, residence hall life, university library, sporting events, student organizations and other activities)
  • To be offered guaranteed admissions upon successful completion and requirements (does not guarantee admission to a particular college).
  • To not have to reapply for admission to UTSA.
  • To build a strong foundation academically.
  • To complete a minimum of 45 transferable hours
  • To have UTSA advising support on the Alamo College campuses.

As part of this program, students will be taking courses at Alamo Colleges and UTSA.

Credit earned from AP exams, dual credit courses, CLEP, etc. will not count toward this hours needed to complete the requirements. Students who have earned the prescribed courses through AP, dual credit courses, etc. can take additional courses that are applicable to the UTSA core component area.

Students that participate in Alamo Runners must meet the following enrollment guidelines:

  • Be co-enrolled at Alamo College and UTSA in the following semester after their semester of application to UTSA.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours at their respective Alamo College and 3 credit hours at UTSA.
  • Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) each semester, meaning students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 GPA or higher and complete the 3-hour course each term at UTSA.
  • Students in the Alamo Runners program must complete a minimum of 45 transferrable hours.
  • Once completed, students can participate in Reverse Transfer to receive their Associate’s degree from Alamo Colleges.
  • If students are close to 45 hours when they participate in the program, then students may make the transition to UTSA earlier.

For virtually the same of what a student pays at Alamo, the student can take a class at UTSA. The student completes the FAFSA for the Alamo Colleges. A UTSA institutional grant will cover the different of the cost of the class based on what the student will pay at Alamo.

The student would have to pay out of picket expenses which would represent what an average of a 3 hour class would be at Alamo Colleges. The out of pocket expense can be paid with Financial Aid or other personal funds. Students should get awarded for 15 hours at Alamo and 3 of those 15 hours will be taken at UTSA.


Student Jane Doe
UTSA 3 hour class SOC 1013
UTSA Tuition & Fees* $1310.13
UTSA Parking* $52.00
UTSA Orientation* $65.00
Total UTSA Charge* $1418.13
UTSA GRANT* for Alamo Runners $866.13
Out of Pocket expense for the student* $532.00

*These are average costs and subject to change

If the payment deadline of Alamo Colleges is after the UTSA payment deadline, the UTSA class will not be dropped.

There are a host of services that are provided for students that participate in Alamo Runners

Recreation Center
UTSA Bookstore

Dining Facilities
Sporting Events

Academic Services
Peer mentors

  1. Students must have applied to UTSA, were guaranteed admitted but decided not to enroll.
  2. Attend an Alamo Runner Interest Session held at one of the Alamo Colleges or email
  3. Alex Araiza will provide the student with the online participation agreement form to complete.
  4. Once the agreement form is submitted to UTSA, the form will be processed for the respective semester.
  5. The student would then need to sign up for orientation. Orientation is required for all incoming students. Students can log into ASAP and click the “Future Roadrunner” tab and click “Sign up for Orientation.” There is an online option or in-person option.
  6. The student then needs to meet with their Academic Advisor before they register for class.
  7. The student will need to provide any TSI scores or take TSI assessment if not exempt
  8. The student will need to submit proof of their meningitis immunization
  9. Register for a 3 hours class, parking permit, meal plan (optional), housing (optional) at UTSA
  10. Register for 12 hours at their respective Alamo College
  11. Students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the Alamo Colleges
  12. Pay tuition and fees and any other expenses
  13. Start classes in fall or spring (depending on when the student entered into the Alamo Runner agreement)
  14. Each semester you will provide a new agreement and continue for 3 semesters, or up to 45 hours or obtain an Associate’s degree
  15. Students do not have to reapply to UTSA, only continue as a fulltime student moving forward but will need to submit a final Alamo College transcript showing all completed work when the student is ready to transition from Alamo College to UTSA full time.