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Event Coordination

Event Coordination: The appropriate UTSA Event Office will coordinate many services based on the campus and location where your event will be held. Other campus service providers such as security, parking, etc., will be coordinated based on your event requirements. UTSA must recover the cost of expenses incurred, and therefore fees may be assessed for services rendered.

A) Fees:

There are fees associated with holding events such as facility rental, set-up, breakdown, audiovisual equipment, parking, housekeeping, security, other personnel, etc. The Invited/External Host will be provided an estimate of fees when a Letter of Invitation is issued. In all cases, the fee must ensure recovery of the cost incurred by UTSA. The appropriate UTSA Event Office will assist you in determining fees associated with joint sponsored events.

After the joint sponsored program or activity, fees for services provided will be invoiced to the appropriate party. Several departments (Athletics, Campus Recreation, UTSA Student Union , etc.) and authorized caterers bill separately. You may also receive several invoices from each of these service providers depending on the location(s) of your event. Any services requested and rendered after the letter of invitation is sent, will be added to the bill and invoiced accordingly. A deposit may be required depending upon factors that may include the following: the size, location and type of event and the amount of advance time necessary for coordination and reservation of facilities, materials and services.

This requirement will be outlined in the Letter of Invitation. Unless otherwise provided in the Letter of Invitation, a deposit may be applied to the final invoice amount or may be used to offset damages associated with the event.

B) Facilities and Spaces:

There are several facilities available for joint sponsored events. The policies and procedures are set forth in Section 8.6 (Use of Facilities Other than for Regular Classroom Instruction) of the Handbook of Operating Procedures. Only UTSA/Internal Hosts are allowed to make space reservations. All requests are considered tentative until UTSA mails the hosts a Letter of Invitation. After the joint sponsorship request/application is approved, space arrangements will be confirmed with the appropriate Event Offices designated for reserving UTSA facilities. The Invited/External Host using University facilities is responsible for the room(s) or space, including furniture, equipment, etc., during the scheduled reservation time. The Invited/External Host is financially responsible for any loss or damage caused to University property or equipment by their members, event participants or guests. Repair and/or replacement costs for lost or damaged property will be charged to the Invited/External Host once charges have been determined. In addition, the Invited/External Host is responsible for any housekeeping charges necessitated by their use of the space.

C) Safety:

UTSA is committed to the safety and well-being of all faculty, staff, students and invited guests. Invited/External Hosts and UTSA/Internal Hosts are asked to take every step necessary to ensure the safety of all event participants. Based on the type and size of the program or activity, and the age and number of participants, UTSA's Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Office, EHSRM may require additional information from the hosts or place conditions or requirements on the program or activity that is joint sponsored. UTSA/Internal Hosts will assist Invited/External Hosts in coordinating with UTSA's EHRSM office and receiving its approval for the joint sponsored event. The Invited/External Host will ensure that all EHSRM conditions and requirements relating to the event are followed. Two of the most common of such conditions and requirements include the following:

D) Certificate of Liability Insurance:

UTSA's Office of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management may require general liability insurance for joint sponsored events on our campus. This requirement can be satisfied by providing a certificate of insurance or by purchasing a general liability insurance policy through UTSA or from an outside insurance agency to cover the event and use of UTSA facilities. When required, the certificate of insurance must provide at least a minimum of $1 million in coverage limits and include UTSA as the certificate holder and as an additional named insured for the event and use of facilities. The certificate of insurance should be sent to the appropriate UTSA Event office as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

E) Release and Indemnification Agreement:

At a minimum, for all events involving participants who are minors, a Release & Indemnification Agreement must be submitted on behalf of each minor participant by each minor's legal guardian. EHSRM may require additional release and indemnification agreements depending upon the nature of the joint sponsored event.

F) Catering:

All Invited/External Hosts and UTSA/Internal Hosts are required to use (a) UTSA Campus Dining Services or (b) UTSA approved caterers for all food and beverage services. For a list of approved caterers and associated policies, visit Business Auxiliary Services. Please note that each caterer will provide a bill separately from the university.

G) Parking:

There are also fees associated with parking on the UTSA campuses. A staff member from one of the Event offices above will work with Parking and Transportation Services to secure parking arrangements for your event.

H) Security:

Based on location, size, and nature of activities, some joint sponsored events may require collaboration with UTSA Police, to determine the need for, and quantity of event security. UTSA/Internal Hosts charged with the responsibility of coordinating joint sponsorship will assist Invited/External Hosts with the necessary paperwork through the appropriate Event Office.

I) Alcohol:

If alcohol is being served, a Permission to Serve Alcohol form must be signed by the President of UTSA and submitted (30) days prior to event to the appropriate UTSA Event Office, which will provide assistance to joint sponsoring organizations to ensure each event meets all university policies, procedures and guidelines. On-site security staff is more likely to be required for events with alcohol, in which case additional fees will be assessed for these services.

J) Cancellation of Event:

UTSA space is in high demand, therefore the University requests that any event cancellations be submitted a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event. Failure to cancel an event by this time may result in a cancellation fee or loss of your deposit based on policies in place in the facility being used for your event.

UTSA will assist you throughout the planning process for your joint sponsored event. Please feel free to contact one of the staff members listed above if you have any questions about how to plan or to coordinate a joint sponsored event at UTSA.

K) Events with Minors:

Implementation of Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Requirements for Camps with Minors:

UTSA is a smoke free and tobacco free campus. Please read more about this new policy here.


Contact Information

We are committed to providing excellent customer service to both on-campus organizations and employees (UTSA/Internal Hosts) and outside organizations (Invited/External Hosts) planning events at UTSA. Please read the following information and work with the appropriate office to ensure you get the most out of your experience as you begin planning for your joint sponsored event.

The following UTSA Event Offices and staff members are available to assist university offices, departments and outside organizations with the joint sponsorship process:

Main Campus
Institute of Texan Cultures
Downtown Campus


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