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Coordination of Required Paperwork

To ensure UTSA meets each event's needs, Invited/External Hosts and UTSA/Internal Hosts are asked to initiate the approval process for joint sponsored events preferably sixty (60) days prior to the event. For activities beyond a simple meeting, more lead time may be required for approval. If in its sole discretion, UTSA determines the application is not timely, it will not be honored.

The following forms and materials must be timely supplied to the appropriate UTSA Event staff in order to secure the issuance of an invitation for joint sponsorship and the use of UTSA facilities by an Invited/External Host. UTSA/Internal Hosts, who are charged with the responsibility of coordinating joint sponsorships, will assist Invited/External Hosts with supplying and coordinating the necessary forms and materials.

Joint Sponsorship Application Form:

To initiate a request for a joint sponsored event, a complete, accurate application must be submitted to the appropriate Event office as mentioned above. The joint sponsorship application form and reservation must be completed and signed by both the Invited/External Host and the UTSA/Internal Host. The Invited/External Host and the UTSA/Internal Host will describe the program or activity that is to be jointly sponsored and explain how the program or activity will "directly supplement the educational purposes" of UTSA as required by the Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations.

Joint Sponsorship Application Form (PDF)

Event Agenda:

A complete agenda providing all details of your event schedule must be turned in to the appropriate University Event Office as mentioned above to confirm that all necessary steps are planned in a timely fashion, preferably no later than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the event.

Publicity or advertising materials:

The joint sponsoring UTSA/Internal Host will be responsible for ensuring that any publicity or advertising materials are submitted to UTSA Communications & Marketing thirty (30) days prior to their dissemination. UTSA Communications & Marketing reserves the right to edit and to approve all copies for advertising and news releases for this event. This includes all advertisements in any newspapers, magazines, on the internet, journals, brochures, radio or television.

(Notification of Approval) Letter of Invitation:

When an event is approved, the Invited/External Host and UTSA/Internal Host will receive a Letter of Invitation from UTSA notifying them that this event meets the University's rules and regulations. The letter will include estimated fees for the event. Once a Letter of Invitation is received, the Invited/External Host and/or UTSA/Internal Host will contact the appropriate Event Office for more information and additional requirements.

Contact Information

We are committed to providing excellent customer service to both on-campus organizations and employees (UTSA/Internal Hosts) and outside organizations (Invited/External Hosts) planning events at UTSA. Please read the following information and work with the appropriate office to ensure you get the most out of your experience as you begin planning for your joint sponsored event.

The following UTSA Event Offices and staff members are available to assist university offices, departments and outside organizations with the joint sponsorship process:

Main Campus
Institute of Texan Cultures
Downtown Campus


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