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For event planning and disability considerations, the following tools are helpful:

Planning Tips

  • Invite your participants to make requests for accommodations on all of your communication (i.e. registration forms, flyers, web pages, e-mails and printed material).
  • You can include an accommodation statement on your registration form, flyers, and computer or print advertisements, such as:
    • Please list any special dietary requirements
    • Please list any special accessibility requirements
  • There are standardized symbols that can be used on all conference/meeting promotion, registration forms, information materials, and facility signage. These symbols may be downloaded from the Graphic Artists Guild.
  • Planners can arrange for all promotional material to be available in alternative formats, such as Braille, large print, or computer disk.
  • In all conference/meeting materials, make participants aware that accommodations can be made for a variety of needs.