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It is extremely important NOT to advertise an event prior to receiving a CONFIRMED reservation for space from an EMCS events manager. EMCS is not responsible for arrangements made by organizations without a confirmation of space.

Please provide an event schedule and contact phone number to Events Management & Conference Services and the UTSA Student Union Information Desk. They can assist directing guests to your event

Contact University Communications & Marketing  for the following:


In order for your event to be shown on the UTSA Events Calendar, you must complete an online request form. (Click REQUEST A SPACE). Provide an event description as you would like to see it on the calendar.

Only campus-wide events are listed as a featured event on the university calendar.

To be considered a featured event, the event must meet the following criteria:

  • Have up to date and correct contact and organization information with EMCS.
  • Have a proper description of the event provided by the event requestor to EMCS.
  • Be open to the general public and appeal to a wide audience (expected attendance greater than 100).
  • Meet the vision, mission and core values set forth by UTSA.
  • Be a university-wide event (open to participation by any of the three campuses: Main, Downtown, ITC).

Examples of events that DO NOT meet the criteria for featured event categories:

  • Events not open to the public
  • Individual student recitals
  • Weekly academic seminars
  • Student/faculty organization meetings

UTSA calendar criteria:

  • A limit of five events per day will appear on the UTSA wide calendar.
  • An official list of annual events will be distributed; these events will always take priority on the UTSA wide calendar.
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