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Your event may require special approvals or procedures to minimize risk and ensure a successful and safe event for all participants. It is extremely important to present all possible activities you may want to do during your event to your events manager to discuss all proper steps to execute your event safely. For more information regarding Risk Management, visit Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management.

Planning Tips

  • Registered student organizations can refer to the Student Activities website for risk management resources and mandated training schedules.
  • Faculty & staff can sign up for Risk Management – Introduction & Planning (SU 375) on the Human Resources website.
  • Ensure crowd control management has been considered for your event. Know where entrances/exits and fire extinguishers are located. Do you have assigned volunteers to assist with crowd control in case of an emergency?
  • Consider door clickers and/or wristband entrances when opening to a large crowd.
  • A risk management plan is encouraged for major events and may be required for other events contingent upon event details.
Risk Management