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Events Management & Conference Services invites all University event planners to attend a workshop designed to cover event planning on the Main Campus. Learn what to know and where to go for events of all sizes.

Student Organization Event Planners

RowdyPlan: Events on the Main Campus Simplified

Student organizations are allowed up to three (3) authorized event requestors who may book space on the Main Campus. The organization president must complete an Event Authorized Requestor Form on RowdyLink naming three members who are authorized to schedule events for their organization. Coming in January 2019 a new RowdyPlan event workshop will be available. All authorized event requestors will be required to complete this workshop before scheduling new events.

Faculty/Staff Event Planners

How to Plan your On-Campus Events

Events Management & Conference Services invite all faculty and staff event planners to attend this training session on planning and scheduling events on the Main Campus. Register for this class through the Human Resources Training & Development site.

Event Workshops