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Events Management Policies

2.2 - Authorized Requestor

Having an unlimited number of individuals who can request events for recognized and sponsored student organizations creates confusion for both Events Management & Conference Services (EMCS) and the organization making the reservation. Managing the number of event requestors reduces duplicate reservations and allows those making reservations the opportunity to learn event policies and procedures.

Registered Student Organizations and Sponsored Student Organizations (RSO or SSO) are limited to three (3) authorized event requestors. Authorized event requestors are required to attend one of the RSO event workshops provided by EMCS at the beginning of each semester.

Authorized event requestors are provided to EMCS via the Authorized Event Requestors Form, which must be submitted by April 1 for fall reservation requests and by October 1 for spring reservation requests. The form is only available at the end of the mandatory RSO event workshops.

A correctly submitted form includes the following information:

  • E-mail address, phone number for up to three (3) authorized student requestors, one of which must be the organization's president/main contact
  • Contact information for the organization's advisor
  • Signature of the organization's president/main contact

As contacts/authorized requestors change, the organization's president may submit a request either in person or via e-mail indicating whom they would like to add, remove or replace. 

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Last Revised: 8/13/12