UTSA The University of Texas at San Antonio
Events Management Policies

2.7 - Major Events and Event Planning Meetings

Major events are defined as any event which may involve multiple days, take place outdoors, expect large attendance, need security, charge admission fees, use multiple spaces, or consist of large-scale or complex activities. Other event details submitted by the client may also cause an event to be classified as a major event. The Office of Events Management & Conference Services (EMCS) determines which events are major events. 

Major events take significant time and effort to plan, coordinate and execute.  Planning meetings are required to make sure the facility hosting the event has appropriate staff and resources and that the event can meet all required university guidelines, procedures and policies. The planning meeting also helps the host ensure all aspects of the event are planned to provide the best experience for event guests.

An event planning meeting is required for any event classified as a "major event." All major event reservations must be requested more than 30 days before the event date. EMCS will not book space for major events inside 30 days. Event reservations will be cancelled if clients fail to schedule or attend event planning meetings.

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