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2.15 Public Viewing Rights

Any student or faculty organization, outside organization or department wanting to screen a movie must obtain screening rights and written permission before reserving a room for the screening. It is a violation of Copyright Law to screen a movie or video in a public or semi-public venue without permission. This law includes personally owned and commercially rented films. UTSA is committed to supporting and enforcing the U.S. Copyright Law.

To obtain a license for public viewing you must obtain rights from one of the following sources:

For General Market Films:
Criterion 1(800) 890-9494
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc 1(800) 876-5577
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation 1(800) 462-8855 

For Public Domain Videos or Stock Footage: 

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United States Copyright Office, www.copyright.gov
Reproduction of Copyright Materials, UTSA HOP 9.11
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Last Revised: 11/5/12