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Events Management Policies

2.12 - Reservation Process

Reservations for registered student and faculty/staff organizations and university departments must be made through the online reservation form using a valid UTSA e-mail address. Non-university organizations must call EMCS at 210-458-4155 regarding availability. This process is the same regardless of which UTSA campus is the site of your event.

Reservation requests should include the following information:

  • name and purpose of the event
  • a description of activities that will take place during the event
  • requested set up time
  • actual time needed for the event, and clean-up time.

Certain reservations will not be confirmed without an event planning meeting (see the Event Planning Meetings section). Providing detailed event information will enable the events managers to reserve appropriate space and resources and avoid last-minute add-on charges. Providing full details will also aid events managers to ensure your event is in compliance with appropriate policies and procedures.

For a step-by-step outline of the reservation process, please visit utsa.edu/events.

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Last Revised: 7/1/12