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2.13 - Registered Student Organizations Scheduling

Meeting space is limited at UTSA and there are hundreds of registered student organizations (RSOs) as well as administrative and academic departments vying for space on the Main Campus. Specific guidelines have been put in place to allow as many organizations as possible to utilize available facilities.

Registered student organizations will be allotted up to 1.5 hours of meeting space in the UTSA Student Union after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, for recurring (e.g., daily, bi-/weekly, monthly) reservations only. More information is available in the UTSA Student Union Operations Manual.

Meeting time may not exceed a total of six (6) hours per week in the UTSA Student Union .

RSOs are not allowed to reserve space (including table reservations) during university-designated study or final exam days as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.
RSOs may not use solicitation tables during university orientation programs as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.

Academic space may be requested after the Census Date for the current semester.

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Last Revised: 3/30/16