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UTSA Student Union Policies

2.5 - Decorations and Furnishings:

With the exception of approved events (e.g., Homecoming door decorations), decorations or posters may not be affixed to ceilings, windows or doors. The use of tacks, rubber cement, cellophane tape, nails, paint, staples, duct tape, or other materials that might damage building surfaces is prohibited. With the permission of UTSA Student Union management, decorations or posters may be affixed to walls with blue painter's tape or other approved, non-marring fasteners. Non-flammable, nontoxic poster and banner paint may be used in the Student Activities Graphics Room, UTSA Student Union 1.218.

Equipment and furnishings assigned to the UTSA Student Union are for use within the UTSA Student Union and its grounds. Furniture in lounges and public spaces will not be moved to accommodate events or programs. Groups moving furniture in public spaces and failing to restore spaces to their original condition will be assessed labor fees to return the space to its original condition.

Specific furniture arrangements in meeting rooms can be accommodated through the Office of Events Management & Conference Services. Any special furniture arrangement or event set up must meet safety guidelines and cannot impede entrance or exit from UTSA Student Union spaces.

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Last Revised: 6/27/12