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2.10 - Fee Waivers:

Many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are involved in community service, volunteer projects, and raising funds for scholarships.   In an effort to support RSOs involved in these activities, the UTSA Student Union has made provision for the waiver of room rental fees for events that meet specific criteria.

A RSO in good standing may have one (1) fundraiser per academic year where the UTSA Student Union room rental fees are waived. Only UTSA RSOs are eligible for this rental fee waiver. Events co-sponsored or produced with a university department are not eligible for a waiver. Student organizations may not host an event with a non-UTSA entity per the joint-sponsorship policy outlined at utsa.edu/events/cohost and the Student Organization Handbook.
The fee waiver form is due no less than 15 days prior to the event.
Basic room rental fees may only be waived if:

  • the event occurs on a single day,
  • there is no professional entertainment, and
  • the admission charge is less than $8.00 per person

Fees as listed on the UTSA Student Union Resource, Labor and Facility Fee Schedule will be assessed if the event occurs outside of regular building hours, involves special requests or set-ups that incur incremental labor or have attendance greater than 100 with food or 300 or more without food.
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Last Revised: 7/27/12