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UTSA Student Union Policies

2.9 - Fees:

As an auxiliary enterprise on campus, the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) is responsible for maintaining the operation, cleanliness and upkeep of the facility.  Students are assessed a UTSA Student Union fee that is used to care for these basic needs.  This fee is not sufficient to cover all expenses associated with the execution of events such excessive labor, operating after building hours, or usage by university departments and external parties. 

The UTSA Student Union is primarily funded through student fees and self-generated funds. The facility is available at NO charge to recognized student organizations and university departments when the sponsoring group is not collecting money for the event.

Charges will apply for special setups, equipment on the UTSA Student Union Paseo, an event charging admission, or an event occurring outside of normal operating hours.

Damage to the facility, furnishings or other equipment, whether accidental or intentional, will not be tolerated and may result in related charges. Events which require excessive housekeeping will result in fees billed to the event sponsoring group.

Invoices must be paid within 30 days of the receipt of invoice. Organizations that do not pay in a timely manner lose the right to schedule university space and their future events will be cancelled until accounts are current.

Fees are reviewed annually and approved by the UTSA Student Union Advisory Council—a student led committee made up of elected and appointed student representatives from across the campus. Two faculty members appointed by the University President also serve on the committee.

UTSA Student Union fees are listed on the UTSA Student Union Resource, Labor and Facility Fee Schedule.

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Last Revised: 8/13/12