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2.11 - Kitchen Use:

Any equipment becomes worn overtime. The kitchen use fee exists to gather revenue to assist the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) in maintaining and eventually replacing kitchen equipment. Additionally, students do not regularly have formally catered events, and requiring student fee money to bear the full brunt of kitchen repair and replacement costs would be an unfair subsidy of university or external group activity. Imposing a separate use fee on all who use the kitchen is the fairest way to recover costs.

Use of the UTSA Student Union kitchen must be arranged a minimum of 72 hours in advance by submitting a written (fax or e-mail) request to Events Management & Conference Services. Clients must be available for a pre- and post-event kitchen walk through. Any use of the kitchen will result in a fee.

Those catering in UTSA Student Union meeting spaces are not required to use the kitchen. Caterers may set up inside meeting spaces, reserve an adjoining meeting space as a catering area or serve from catering vehicles. Using UTSA Student Union service corridors as catering staging areas is prohibited as it impedes egress and thereby violates the fire code followed by UTSA.

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Last Revised: 8/13/12