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2.12 - Prohibited Items:

When used for events, certain items have the potential to damage the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) and require significant effort to clean up in preparation for the next client. When rooms are blocked on the schedule due to repair or extended cleaning, it limits the efficient use of the facility for all UTSA Student Union guests. To ensure the facility is ready for efficient use, the UTSA Student Union created a prohibited items list.

Any items that diminish the UTSA Student Union 's ability to meet its mission or are against university guidelines are not allowed in the UTSA Student Union . Use of these items may result in suspension of scheduling privileges and the assessment of restoration (cleaning/repair) fees. The following list, although not exhaustive, includes items that are typically prohibited in the UTSA Student Union :

Difficult to clean items
Candles and (melted candle wax)
Dance Powder
Silly String

Potentially damaging items
Aerosol Sprays (including paint and glue)
Tape (except painters tape)
Smoke/Fog Machines (leaking liquids)
Fireworks (including sparklers)
Cinder Blocks or Paving Stones
Burning Incense

Open flames
Open flames--including candles--are prohibited on the UTSA campus.


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Last Revised: 8/13/12