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2.13 - Room Cleanliness and Housekeeping:

Any items brought into UTSA Student Union meeting spaces by clients or their vendors must be removed by clients or their vendors at the conclusion of the reservation. Any items that are not removed will be assessed a storage fee until they are removed by the client or client's service provider. Unclaimed items will be disposed of consistent with the university policy on abandoned property.

Events Management & Conference Services determines which events in the UTSA Student Union are assessed housekeeping fees. A housekeeping fee is assessed for all events of 100 people or more with food, and all events for 300 people or more. The housekeeper will begin no earlier than one (1) hour after the start of the event and will be assigned to a specific event to complete the following duties:

During the event:

  • Maintain cleanliness of event space and adjoining public areas
  • Service the restrooms closest to the event area

After the event:

  • Clean event floors and restrooms
  • Wipe off tables and chairs
  • Remove general event trash (not items that belong to catering)

Leaving rooms in a state that causes UTSA Student Union housekeeping to go above and beyond a normal and reasonable room cleaning will result in a room restoration fee as indicated in the UTSA Student Union Resource, Labor and Facility Fee Schedule. Any event, regardless of the number of guests or the presence of food, may be assessed a housekeeping or restoration fee depending on the state of the room at the end of the reservation.

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Last Revised: 6/27/12