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4.2 - No Potluck Meals:

Potluck meals often produce larger volumes of trash than many catered events. This mess takes extra resources to clean and therefore limits the number of guests that can use UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) meeting spaces throughout the day. UTSA Student Union electrical systems are also not designed to accommodate heating elements or appliances and use of such items could damage the facility.

Only catered meals or food prepared in a commercial kitchen are allowed in UTSA Student Union meeting spaces. Departments are strongly encouraged to use their own conference rooms and office areas for staff potlucks. No heating elements or appliances (crock pots, electric skillets, hot plates, etc.) may be used in UTSA Student Union spaces, except by approved licensed caterers. Groups found to be holding potlucks in UTSA Student Union meeting spaces will be assessed a room restoration fee as listed on the UTSA Student Union Resource, Labor and Facility Fee Schedule.

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Last Revised: 6/29/12