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UTSA Student Union Policies

3.1 - Building Access (Business Hours):

UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) staff is responsible for securing UTSA assets in the UTSA Student Union and regulates when and how guests and tenants may access the building in conjunction with UTSA Police and Access Control.

Guests desiring to access the UTSA Student Union may do so during building hours. All individuals must vacate the UTSA Student Union at the close of operating hours. Hours are posted throughout the UTSA Student Union and at utsa.edu/UTSA Student Union .

Only UTSA Student Union staff is allowed to be in the UTSA Student Union outside normal business hours. For approval to be in the UTSA Student Union outside normal working hours see UTSA Student Union Operations Manual 3.2, Building Access (Outside Business Hours).

Event clients may work with the Office of Events Management & Conference Services to arrange for vendor access. Vendor set-up time must be included in the reservation. Vendors requesting access outside of reserved event set up time may be accommodated or may cause additional fees to the client. 

Exterior keys to the UTSA Student Union will be issued only to authorized university staff whose responsibilities may require them to access the UTSA Student Union during non-operational hours.


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Last Revised: 6/28/12