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3.2 - Building Access (After Business Hours):

UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) staff is responsible for securing UTSA assets in the UTSA Student Union , and as such, regulates when and how guests and tenants may access the building in conjunction with UTSA Police and Access Control.

Outside normal hours access to the UTSA Student Union is defined as entry into any UTSA Student Union building before or after normal business hours for the current semester. Current business hours are posted on the UTSA Student Union website home page.

Full-time Staff
Full-time staff with extended access privileges may enter the building through DSX-enabled doors designated "late entry doors." The UTSA Student Union director or designee can approve DSX access for authorized staff persons.

Student Staff or Volunteers
Outside normal hours access is prohibited for student staff or volunteers unless prior approval in writing is granted by the UTSA Student Union director. Outside normal hours access is only granted under the following conditions:

  • The purpose of requesting after-hours access is for organizational work that cannot be performed or completed during regular building hours. Student staff and volunteers may not stay late for personal business or activities.
  • A written request containing the names of those working outside normal hours, the purpose of their after- hours work , and the reason why this work cannot occur during normal building hours is submitted to the UTSA Student Union Director a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • The supervisor or organization advisor is present when the after-hours work is to take place. Working outside normal hours without an advisor present is generally not approved, but may be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

If permission for after-hours access is granted, student staff and volunteers agree to the following rules and expectations:

  • Entry doors may NOT be left ajar.
  • Only the individuals listed on the written request may be present in the assigned workspace.
  • The last person that leaves the facility must notify the UTSA Police Department that they have vacated the building.
  • An advisor or supervisor is present at all times student staff or volunteers are in the building outside normal hours.
  • Those approved to be in the building outside normal hours should limit their presence to their assigned workspace.

Those with approved access before the building has opened or after the building has already closed may contact the UTSA Police Department for building access.

If an advisor or supervisor is not present in the office and no outside normal hours access request has been submitted volunteers and student staff  must vacate their office space at least one hour prior to UTSA Student Union building closing time. Student staff or volunteers who are in the building after hours without approval will be asked to leave.

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Last Revised: 8/13/12