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3.6 - Event Safety and Security:

Events often bring large numbers of people together in spaces designed to hold a specific number of guests. The UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) has policies and procedures regarding event safety and security to ensure that all guests in the UTSA Student Union have a pleasant experience and can arrive at, participate in, and depart from events safely. Event guests and clients must comply with all UTSA, UT Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations and local, state and federal laws.

Event Capacity
Meeting spaces have maximum capacities posted for each type of event set-up. Capacities were determined in conjunction with the university fire marshal. In the event of a custom set-up, clients will be informed in event planning meetings or by e-mail the maximum capacity for their events. Attendance at any event may not exceed the maximum capacity for that event's set up. In the event that excess capacity is reached, UTSA Student Union staff will direct the event client to address the situation in a timely manner. If the event client fails to address the issue, the UTSA Police Department and the Office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management will be contacted to address the issue and could potentially end the event.

Event attendees and clients are expected to behave appropriately for their event and within all state, local and federal laws. Students are required to follow the UTSA Student Code of Conduct. Any person exhibiting behavior that compromises their safety, the safety of others, or the security of the facility will be asked to stop immediately and may be asked to leave the UTSA Student Union .

Adherence to Policy
All events must comply with all UTSA, UT Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations and local, state and federal laws. Clients acknowledge these rules when they submit their reservation request. Events managers also brief clients on specific policies that may apply to their events. Failure to comply with all policies and laws may result in loss of scheduling privileges and the immediate ending of the offending event.

Right to Monitor
UTSA Student Union staff reserves the right to monitor activities taking place within UTSA Student Union meeting and event spaces to ensure they are in compliance with applicable rules and policies. Blocking peepholes or meeting room entrances is prohibited and may lead to loss of privileges.

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