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5.1 - Banners:Interior and Exterior

The UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) has a banner hanging fee to covers not only banner hanging labor, but also the eventual repainting of UTSA Student Union railings due to damage from zip-ties, ropes and other hanging devices.  Reservations for banners are required as space is limited, particularly in popular locations such as the UTSA Student Union bridges.

Interior Banners:
Interior banners are allowed in the UTSA Student Union as listed in HOP 9.09. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) may hang banners from the UTSA Student Union main corridor staircase using the provided hanging wire on a first-come, first-served basis. Any banners attached to the railings and not the wire will be recycled or returned to the Office of Student Activities. Banners may not interfere with stairway usage and must be approved by the Office of Student Activities per the Student Activities Posting Policy.

Banners should be no bigger than 3 Feet wide by 4 feet long and should be made of lightweight banner, poster or butcher paper. They must be securely attached to the hanging wire—preferably with binder clips.

Exterior Banners:
Exterior banner space must be reserved at least five (5) days in advance through the EMCS office by completing the on-line reservation form located at www.utsa.edu/events. Banners may not be hung without a reservation. Banner reservations are not exclusive and EMCS reserves the right to maximize the use of available banner space.

Banner reservations may not exceed 14 days; however, reservations may be renewed for an additional 14 days. Banners that are taken down and then renewed will be subject to another hanging fee. Only UTSA Student Union Operations staff may install and remove banners outside the UTSA Student Union . The fee for banner hanging is listed in the UTSA Student Union Resource, Labor and Facility Fee Schedule.

Exterior banners must be made of vinyl or some other weather proof banner material. Grommets should be installed a minimum of 18" apart on both the top and bottom of the banner. Air vents should also be cut into the banner to allow for free passage of air when banners are stretched taut. Banners that become torn, damaged or create a safety risk will be removed.

Locations and Size Requirements:

Hanging Location

Minimum (H x W)

Maximum (H x W)

UTSA Student Union North Staircase (Near bookstore)

4 feet  by 3 feet

4 feet  by 3 feet

UTSA Student Union Paseo Entrance

3 feet  by 4 feet

4 feet by 15 feet

UTSA Student Union Paseo East Bridge

3 feet  by 4 feet

6 feet by 28 feet

UTSA Student Union Paseo West Bridge

3 feet  by 4 feet

6 feet by 28 feet

UTSA Student Union North or South Railings

3 feet  by 4 feet

3 feet by 8 feet

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Last Revised: 8/13/12