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5.2 - Bulletin Boards:

This policy was created by the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) consistent with HOP 9.9 – University Posting of Materials, HOP 9.37 – Peaceful and Public Assembly Policy, and BORR 80103 – Solicitation. The policy is designed to efficiently regulate bulletin board posting areas in the UTSA Student Union to ensure that they contain timely and relevant information for all UTSA Student Union guests.

Groups who may reserve UTSA Student Union bulletin boards include:

  • The UTSA Student Union Program Council
  • UTSA Student Union
  • Student Activities
  • Student Affairs departments

Bulletin Board Reservations
How to reserve
Reservations must be made by contacting the UTSA Student Union Information Desk at ucinfo@utsa.edu from a valid UTSA e-mail address. Requests must include the following information in the body of the e-mail:

  • Name of person submitting reservation
  • Submitter's contact information
  • Name of group or organization
  • Brief description of what is to be posted
  • Desired start date
  • Requested bulletin board number (first and second choice)

Multiple Reservations
If a client reserves multiple boards in the same location, the client must advertise a different event on each board. Ski Lodge boards are the only exception—two half boards may be used as one large board to promote a single event.  A separate reservation must be submitted for each desired bulletin board.

Length of reservation
Reservations begin and end on Mondays at 9 a.m. and run for two weeks.

UTSA Student Union bulletin boards available for reservations:
Bulletin boards are numbered, and a complete listing of bulletin board locations and sizes are included with on the UTSA Student Union Display Board chart.

All groups must obtain approvals as required by the following policies:

Materials displayed on UTSA Student Union bulletin boards must fit within the dimensions specified on the Display BoardsUTSA Student Union Display Boards Chart.

Clients wishing to post their own material may pick up a key at EMCS at 9 a.m. on their reservation start date. Keys must be returned to EMCS promptly after material is posted.

Bulletin board space in the UTSA Student Union is at a premium and is expected to be used if reserved. If clients have not posted material within one business day the reserved space will be released for use by the UTSA Student Union or other clients.

Material Removal
All dated material will be removed by 10 a.m. on the first business day after the advertised date.  Clients wishing to reuse their material must remove it by 9 a.m. on the last day of their reservation.

If remaining time exists in the reservation after expired material is removed, the client may post new material. If no new material is submitted UTSA Student Union Marketing will post material during the remainder of the reserved period. Any materials not removed by the client at the above specified times will be recycled.

There are no fees for approved groups to reserve bulletin board space.

Printing and Distribution Services
The UPS Store in the UTSA Student Union can provide printing services for posters in various sizes. For an additional fee to cover student labor charges, UTSA Student Union Marketing can post and remove your materials in all reserved locations. Payment can be made at the UTSA Student Union business office through IDT for university departments.

Last Revised: 8/14/12