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UTSA Student Union Policies

5.3 - Donation Bins:

The UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) regulates placement of donation bins to ensure the UTSA Student Union is clean and safe for all guests. When bins are placed in unapproved locations they may hinder traffic throughout the facility.

Student organizations wishing to place donation boxes in the UTSA Student Union must comply with all relevant Student Organization Handbook guidelines and university solicitation policies (Board of Regents Rules and Regulations 80103; UTSA HOP 9.09 and 9.37, section XII).

Once approved by the Office of Student Activities (OSA), donation boxes may be placed in the following UTSA Student Union locations:

  • By the ATMs in UTSA Student Union North food court
  • Elevated concrete area on the west side of the UTSA Student Union North staircase directly across from the UTSA Bookstore.
  • Around the Student Government Association Giving Tree in the UTSA Student Union North Window Lounge between Thanksgiving and December 31.
  • Underneath the Office of Student Activities bulletin board in UTSA Student Union South.

Boxes may be removed and discarded by UTSA Student Union Staff if found in violation of this policy or the Student Organization Handbook.

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Last Revised: 6/26/12