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5.4 - Table Tents:

The table tent policy was developed by the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) consistent with the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) 9.09 - University Posting of Materials.  This policy will allow the UTSA Student Union to regulate event promotions, commercial materials, and advertisement of UTSA Student Union tenant services, as well as maintain a clutter free environment within the UTSA Student Union . 

Groups who may use table tents in the UTSA Student Union :

  • Table tents in the UTSA Student Union are for the primary purpose of promoting services, events and activities held in the UTSA Student Union .
  • The UTSA Student Union Program Council (UCPC) shall be the primary event sponsor for any advertised event.
  • The Office of Student Activities, Student Leadership Center, Inclusion and Community Engagement Center, and any Student Life department may use UTSA Student Union table tents to promote campus-wide events.
  • UTSA Student Union tenants and service providers.

Table Tent Reservations:
How to reserve
Reservations for table tent usage in UTSA Student Union public lounges and gallerias must be made by contacting the UTSA Student Union Information Desk at ucinfo@utsa.edu from a valid UTSA e-mail address. Requests must include the following information in the body of the e-mail:

  • Name of person submitting reservation
  • Submitter's contact information
  • Name of group or organization
  • Brief description of what is to be advertised
  • Desired start date
    • Organizations desiring table tent space in the food court must contact University Dining Services.

Length of reservation
Table tents will be displayed weekly, beginning Sunday and ending Saturday, and will be reviewed each week by UTSA Student Union staff.

Approved Table Tent Areas:
All tabletop space in the areas listed below must be reserved by contacting the appropriate office:

  • UTSA Student Union public lounges and gallerias – reserved through UTSA Student Union Info located on level 1 of UTSA Student Union North near the Fiesta Dancers Entrance, 210-458-4735 or ucinfo@utsa.edu.
  • UTSA Student Union food court - contact Business Auxiliary Services and ARAMARK in MS 1.05

Prohibited Areas:
Table tents are not permitted in elevators, restrooms, stairwells, sidewalks, break rooms or UTSA Student Union meeting spaces except as permitted by the UTSA Student Union director or designee.


  • A final version of the table tent must be provided to the UTSA Student Union director, assistant director for marketing & communications or designee with a copy of the reservation confirmation a minimum of seven (7) days before the reservation is made.


  • Table tents will be limited to two (2) per table.
  • Table tents will be a maximum of 6.5" x 4.25" for UTSA Student Union Food Court areas and 4.5" x 5.5" to 5" x 7" (width and height) for all other UTSA Student Union areas where table tents are permitted. The UTSA Student Union will determine appropriate dimensions in relation to size of display area.
  •  Table tents may be one (1) to four (4) sided.
  • Table tents must be printed on card stock, sufficient to withstand handling, and able to maintain appearance over the duration of the posting.
  • Table tents must include the name of the sponsoring organization, event/program name, date, time and location and shall advertise a program, activity or event within the UTSA Student Union .

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to ensure table tents displayed remain neat, clean and contain appropriate content in accordance with UTSA Student Union /UTSA policy and procedures at all times. Damaged or defaced table tents will be removed without notice. Sponsors may replace damaged or stolen table tents no more than twice over the period of the table tent reservation.

There are no fees for approved groups to reserve table tent space.

The UTSA Student Union reserves the right to cancel existing reservations and deny future table tent requests to groups not adhering to policies.  Unapproved table tents will be removed and discarded without notice.

Last Revised: 8/13/12