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UTSA Student Union Policies

5.5 - Unattended Literature Distribution:

The UTSA Student Union instituted an unattended literature distribution policy to reduce clutter and maintain overall facility cleanliness and safety.

This policy has been developed to provide a reasonable time, place and manner for distribution of approved unattended literature in the UTSA Student Union (UTSA Student Union ) and is consistent with the following policies and procedures:

This policy applies only to distribution within the UTSA Student Union and does not exempt the party desiring to distribute literature from following approval processes in place per the above listed policies.
Literature means any printed material, including any newspaper, magazine, or other publication, any leaflet, flyer, or other informal matter, that is produced in multiple copies for distribution to potential readers.

The following entities may distribute unattended literature in the UTSA Student Union :

Approved unattended literature may only be placed in UTSA Student Union distribution bins in locations determined by the UTSA Student Union director or designee.  UTSA Student Union approved unattended literature bins are located in the following areas:

  • UTSA Student Union North, food court near the Ski Lodge
  • UTSA Student Union North, first floor corridor next to the Paseo entrance and bookstore
  • UTSA Student Union South, Star Galleria

All groups leaving literature in UTSA Student Union distribution bins are responsible to ensure outdated material is disposed of in a timely manner. The UTSA Student Union will dispose of unattended literature found to be in violation of this policy.