Your email is moving October 4!

UPDATE 9/22: Thank you for your careful attention to all of our announcements regarding the upcoming email move. If you have questions, feel free to browse the FAQ or email for more information.

Please note the following:

  1. Access to your new Office 365 account will not be available until October 4.
  2. Data from your Google Drive will not be deleted or become inaccessible to you after October 4. You will simply no longer be able to send or receive emails from your Gmail inbox.
  3. You must use your new Office 365 account ( for all university communications. The option to set a preferred email will be retired October 4. For more on this policy, click here.


As part of our continued efforts to improve your technology experience, UTS will migrate all student email accounts from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 on October 4, 2021. Integrating the student and faculty/staff email systems in Office 365 will make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate and share information via a wide variety of Microsoft tools, including OneDrive and Outlook.

Here's What You Need to Know

New Email Address Format:

On October 4, you will be issued a new email address in the following format:

After October 4, any emails sent to your previous email address will be automatically redirected to your new inbox. This means that even though you have received a new email address, there is no need to update or change your email address anywhere you've used your, although this is highly recommended.

Gmail will become Read Only:

No data from your Google Workspace will be deleted as a result of this migration; however, your Gmail email will become read-only as of
October 4. No new email will be able to be sent or received to your
Gmail inbox. You will be responsible for transferring any relevant
data from your Google Workspace at your convenience. UTS recommends the use of a data migration tool called Google Takeout for this purpose. Stay tuned for customized, step-by-step instructions. 

No More Preferred Email Address:

Once the migration is complete, students will no longer be able to designate a preferred external email address with which to conduct University business. Instead, all communication to and from the University will be conducted through your new Office 365 email.