Get started with a Service Request

From troubleshooting your device to connecting to online resources and so much more, you’re just clicks away from accessing all the services you need to succeed at UTSA. Visit MyPortal to browse our catalog of services, submit a service request, and track it through to completion.

We’re making things easier for you

Finding help at an institution as big as UTSA can be challenging. Now you have one place to go to quickly find the services you need and easily manage all your requests. In addition to fast access to our service catalog and knowledgebase at MyPortal, you can visit UTSA’s Tech Café to connect with a tech expert 24/7 or find answers at our self-service FAQ library.

Join our service team

Whether you’re a technology vendor or service professional, UTSA depends on great IT service providers to help empower our students, faculty, and staff, and drive efficient operations and innovation across the institution. If you're new to delivering products and services to UTSA, we would love to explore how you can become part of our team.

Powered by ServiceNow

As the global leader in enterprise service management, ServiceNow was the logical choice to power our new service platform. Built on a modern cloud platform, ServiceNow provides the latest automation and service technologies to help every student, teacher, and staff connect to essential services and extend UTSA’s leadership in technology innovation.