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Faculty earn tenure, promotion and emeritus recognition

Faculty earn tenure, promotion and emeritus recognition

SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 — UTSA Academic Affairs announces the promotion of 151 faculty members, effective September 1.

“Our faculty is central to UTSA’s goals of providing our students an outstanding education,” said Kimberly Andrews Espy, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. “We celebrate their exemplary achievements in teaching, research and scholarship, recognizing the positive impacts they have on our students, our institution and our community.” 

The promotions include 121 fixed-term-track faculty. In November 2020, Academic Affairs announced major changes to university policies governing fixed-term-track (FTT) faculty appointments, titles, evaluation and promotion. For the first time at UTSA, full-time fixed-term-track faculty demonstrating a progressive record of achievement and engagement have a clear promotion path in recognition of their efforts and impact as university faculty.

Among tenured/tenure-track faculty, 15 faculty members have been promoted to associate professor with tenure. Tenure is awarded to faculty based on accomplishments in each of three categories of performance: teaching, research/scholarship/creative activities, and service. Another 15 faculty members were promoted to full professor in recognition of sustained professional accomplishment.


  • Yongcan Cao, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Eunhee Chung, Kinesiology
  • Jeffrey Howard, Public Health
  • Chiung-Yu Hung, Biology
  • Murtuza Jadliwala, Computer Science
  • Poonam Khanna, Management
  • Palden Lama, Computer Science
  • Kellie Lynch (Patrick), Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Stan Renard, Music
  • Jae Yong Suk, Architecture
  • Serife Tekin, Philosophy and Classics
  • Rohit Valecha, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Kenneth Walker, English
  • Wenbo Wu, Management Science and Statistics
  • Kai Xu, Management


  • Maria Arreguin-Anderson, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Kiran Bhaganagar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Bonner, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Astrid Cardona, Biology
  • Krystel Castillo, Mechanical Engineering
  • Melinda Denton, Sociology
  • Oleg Larionov, Chemistry
  • Mark Leung, Management Science and Statistics
  • Charles Liu, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Nancy Membrez, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Isabel Muzzio, Biology
  • Arturo Ponce-Pedraza, Physics and Astronomy
  • Anuradha Roy, Management Science and Statistics
  • Ethan Wickman, Music
  • Timothy Yuen, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

Also this year, six retired faculty members have been awarded emeritus status in honor of their years of valued service and contribution to the university mission.


  • Kevin Grant, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Marita Nummikoski, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Weining Zhang, Computer Science


  • Edward Burian, Architecture
  • Richard Lewis, Sociology
  • Page Smith, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Additionally, 120 fixed-term-track faculty were promoted. Academic Affairs introduced new faculty title series in 2020 to create clear career paths for fixed-term faculty:

  • The Professor of Instruction series titles designate faculty with a terminal degree primarily engaged in undergraduate and/or graduate instruction.

  • Professor of Research series titles are used for faculty with a terminal degree primarily engaged in research.

  • Professor of Practice series titles designate faculty qualified to teach undergraduate level courses by virtue of professional experience.

  • Lecturer series titles are for faculty primarily engaged in undergraduate instruction.


  • Christopher Besch, Music
  • John Cannon, Geological Sciences
  • Michael Newell, Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS)
  • Debra Pena, Writing Core Program
  • Lauren Riojas Fitzpatrick, AIS
  • Sara Shields-Menard, Biology
  • Tina Vega, Mathematics
  • Alyssa Vikesland, AIS
  • Liang Ward, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Thomas Yee, Music


  • Reza Aghayan, Mathematics
  • Armando Araiza, Architecture
  • Jessica Beckham, Environmental Science and Ecology
  • Andrew Bergmann, Music
  • Rami El-Farrah, Music
  • Curtis Fish, Architecture
  • Hector Hernandez, Biology
  • Mariah Hopkins, Biology
  • Dinah Richard, Communication
  • Mark Robinson, Computer Science
  • Paul Rodriguez, AIS
  • Rebecca Schroeder, AIS
  • Gwen Young, Environmental Science and Ecology


  • Susan Dalterio, Biology
  • Makiko Fukuda, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Laura Kelly, Music
  • Bernard Ku, Computer Science
  • Kathleen Laborde, AIS
  • Tinney Leveridge, AIS
  • Rafael Lopez-Mobilia, Physics and Astronomy
  • Terri Matiella, Environmental Science and Ecology
  • Ashok Nedungadi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jude Okpala, Philosophy and Classics
  • Javier Oliva, Political Science and Geography
  • Michael Rushforth, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Gani Stamov, Mathematics
  • Deborah Wagner, Anthropology
  • Stephanie Westney, Music


  • Maia Adamina, English
  • Cassandra Allen, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Hadi Arman, Chemistry
  • Sherri Baker, Music
  • Sean Beatty, Mathematics
  • Jeffrey Castle, Music
  • Lynda Cavazos, Bicultural/Bilingual Studies
  • Andrew Chapman, Honors
  • Stacy Conrad, Accounting
  • Nicholas Councilor, Music
  • Andria Crosson, History
  • Judith Dones, AIS
  • Patricia Fagan-Miller, Music
  • Jason Gagliardi, Environmental Science and Ecology
  • Jesus Adolfo Garza-Decanini, Biology
  • Lesli Hicks, History
  • Albert Huang, Management
  • Kalpana Iyengar, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Iffat Jabeen, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Crystal Jarrell Johnson, Music
  • Shakira Johnson, Economics
  • Amy Jones, Biology
  • Ben Ligon, Counseling
  • Alegra Lozano, Honors
  • Newfel Mazari, Geological Sciences
  • Krystle Meyer, Honors
  • Rhonda Minten, History
  • Allegra Montemayor, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Troy Peters, Music
  • Gary Poffenbarger, Music
  • James Powell, Physics and Astronomy
  • Alexa Proffitt, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Cynthia Roberts, Mathematics
  • James Rogers, Biology
  • Mario Salas, Political Science and Geography
  • Bruce Stanfill, Management
  • Linda Vaello, Accounting
  • Catalina Zarate, Management


  • Allyson Dawkins, Music
  • Leslie Doss, Economics
  • Edward Esparza, Mathematics
  • Deuk Hee Gong, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • David Hansen, History
  • John Joseph, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Robert Kaufman, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Manjit Kaur, Writing Core Program
  • Maria Lorusso, Finance
  • Ryan McPherson, Communication
  • Darryl Ohlenbusch, Architecture
  • Mark Phillips, Management
  • Candid Rogers, Architecture
  • Peter Rubins, Music
  • Linda Shepherd, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Catherine Somody, Counseling
  • Ronald Sweet, Finance
  • Charles Wright, Communication
  • Mimi Yu, Modern Languages and Literatures


  • Vipin Agrawal, Finance
  • Evangeline Aguilera, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Daniel Davied, Marketing
  • Henry Esparza, Political Science and Geography
  • Kathryn Keeton, Management
  • James R. Lewis, Architecture
  • Ray Lopez, Psychology
  • Sue Pemberton-Haugh, Architecture
  • Sherry Rubins, Music
  • Mahmut Sonmez, Management Science and Statistics


  • Jonathan Brucks, Mathematics
  • Maria Camargo, AIS
  • Angelica Collazo, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Jacob Dell, Management Science and Statistics
  • Maike Hudson, Writing Core Program
  • Loretta Long, Writing Core Program
  • Veronica Luna, Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Carolyn Luna, Mathematics
  • Kimberly Massaro, Management Science and Statistics
  • David Matiella, Architecture
  • Ghassan Nasr, Mathematics
  • Marguerite Newcomb, Writing Core Program
  • Jeong Bin Park, Writing Core Program
  • Naomi Rubal, AIS
  • Stephanie Schoellman, English
  • Zachery Sharon, Mathematics

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